BACK (Subject to Review) Double Elimination : Masters Men (M3-M4) (40-49) 159 to 180 lbs
Eric Schwalm TN State Champs
1 Eric Schwalm TN  ippon GOLD John Molinary
5 John Molinary TN ippon BRONZE
John Molinary TN
2 John Molinary TN  ippon Tourny Champs
bye GOLD Ernesto Serrano
12 Ernesto Serrano GA ippon SILVER
Mike Smith TN First Place BRONZE Athur Dawkins
3 Mike Smith TN  ippon
6 Ernesto Serrano GA ippon
Ernesto Serrano GA 2nd = Loser of 12
4 Ernesto Serrano GA  ippon
Athur Dawkins AL
Losers Bracket
loser of 1 7 bye ippon
bye 9 Eric Schwalm TN ippon
loser of 2 Eric Schwalm TN
loser of 5
bye 11 Athur Dawkins AL ippon
loser of 3 8 Athur Dawkins AL ippon 3rd Place
Athur Dawkins AL 10 Athur Dawkins AL ippon
loser of 4 Mike Smith TN
loser of 6

Eric Schwalm (TN), Rank:2nd Brown - Nikyu, Club: SSF Submission Academy
John Molinary (TN), Rank:1st Brown - Ikkyu, Club: Frayser Judo Club Inc.
Mike Smith (TN), Rank:1st Brown - Ikkyu, Club: columbia Judo
Ernesto Serrano (GA), Rank:2nd Black - Nidan, Club: Midtown Atlanta
Athur Dawkins (AL), Rank:1st Black - Shodan, Club: Huntsville AL Judo Club