BACK (Subject to Review) Round Robin : Junior Boys (5-6) 39 to 42 lbs
Alexander Miller TN


Dmarcus Harrell TN ippon 10
Dmarcus Harrell TN
Dmarcus Harrell TN


Trevor Owen TN ippon 10
Trevor Owen TN
Alexander Miller TN


Alexander Miller TN yuko 5
Trevor Owen TN
Dmarcus Harrell TN


Trevor Owen TN ippon 0.1 PLAYOFF MATCH
Trevor Owen TN
Name State Wins   Points
Trevor Owen TN 2 10.1
Dmarcus Harrell TN 1 10
Alexander Miller TN 1 5


State Champs   Tourny Champs
GOLD Trevor Owen   GOLD
SILVER Dmarcus Harrell   SILVER
BRONZE Alexander Miller   BRONZE

Dmarcus Harrell (TN), Rank:White, Club: Clarksville Judo Club
Alexander Miller (TN), Rank:White, Club: Clarksville Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Trevor Owen (TN), Rank:Yellow, Club: Clarksville Judo Club