BACK (Subject to Review) Double Elimination : Senior Men (17-29) 189 to 199 lbs
Nicholas Sparks MS State Champs
1 Nicholas Sparks MS  ippon GOLD John Campbell
5 John Campbell TN ippon BRONZE
John Campbell TN
2 John Campbell TN  ippon Tourny Champs
bye GOLD Matt Lentz
12 Matt Lentz AL ippon SILVER
Matt Lentz AL First Place BRONZE Nicholas Sparks
3 Matt Lentz AL  ippon
6 Matt Lentz AL ippon
Anthony Muller TN 2nd = Loser of 12
4 Anthony Muller TN  ippon
Losers Bracket
loser of 1 7 bye ippon
bye 9 Nicholas Sparks MS ippon
loser of 2 Nicholas Sparks MS
loser of 5
bye 11 Nicholas Sparks MS ippon
loser of 3 8 bye ippon 3rd Place
bye 10 Anthony Muller TN ippon
loser of 4 Anthony Muller TN
loser of 6

Nicholas Sparks (MS), Rank:White, Club: Desoto County Judo Club
John Campbell (TN), Rank:Green, Club: Desoto County Judo Club
Matt Lentz (AL), Rank:3rd Brown - Sankyu, Club: Columbia Judo Dojo
Anthony Muller (TN), Rank:1st Black - Shodan, Club: Lion of Judah MAF