BACK (Subject to Review) Double Elimination : Junior Boys (13-14) 130 to 138 lbs
Matthew Wallace State Champs
1 Dominico Bowen TN  ippon GOLD Dominico Bowen
Dominico Bowen TN SILVER Shawn Sawyer
5 Dominico Bowen TN ippon BRONZE Alan DAlessandro
Alan DAlessandro TN
2 Alan DAlessandro TN  ippon Tourny Champs
bye GOLD
12 Dominico Bowen TN ippon SILVER
Shawn Sawyer TN First Place BRONZE
3 Shawn Sawyer TN  wazaari
Gavin Westover TN
6 Shawn Sawyer TN ippon
Connor Jones MS 2nd = Loser of 12
4 Connor Jones MS  ippon
Losers Bracket
Matthew Wallace
loser of 1 7 Matthew Wallace ippon
bye 9 Alan DAlessandro TN ippon
loser of 2 Alan DAlessandro TN
loser of 5
Gavin Westover TN 11 Alan DAlessandro TN ippon
loser of 3 8 Gavin Westover TN ippon 3rd Place
bye 10 Connor Jones MS ippon
loser of 4 Connor Jones MS
loser of 6

Matthew Wallace (), Rank:White, Club: Atomic City Judo Club
Dominico Bowen (TN), Rank:Green, Club: Team Havok Judo Club
Alan DAlessandro (TN), Rank:Green, Club: Clarksville Budo Club
Shawn Sawyer (TN), Rank:, Club: Cookeville Judoand Jujitsu
Gavin Westover (TN), Rank:Green, Club: Clarksville Judo Club
Connor Jones (MS), Rank:White, Club: Germantown Martial Arts