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BACK (Subject to Review) Double Elimination : Masters Men (M1-M2) (30-39) 155 to 191 lbs
Brent Donahue TN State Champs
1 Brent Donahue TN  ippon GOLD Brent Donahue
Eric Schwalm TN SILVER Michael Ostrowski
5 Brent Donahue TN hantei BRONZE
Jeffrey Prentiss TN
2 Arthur Dawkins AL  ippon Tourny Champs
Arthur Dawkins AL GOLD Douglas Tono
12 Douglas Tono IL ippon SILVER
Michael Ostrowski TN First Place BRONZE
3 Michael Ostrowski TN  ippon
Shawn Nevels KY
6 Douglas Tono IL yuko
Daniel Connolly TN 2nd = Loser of 12
4 Douglas Tono IL  ippon
Douglas Tono IL
Losers Bracket
Eric Schwalm TN
loser of 1 7 Jeffrey Prentiss TN ippon
Jeffrey Prentiss TN 9 Jeffrey Prentiss TN ippon
loser of 2 Arthur Dawkins AL
loser of 5
Shawn Nevels KY 11 Michael Ostrowski TN yuko
loser of 3 8 Shawn Nevels KY ippon 3rd Place
Daniel Connolly TN 10 Michael Ostrowski TN ippon
loser of 4 Michael Ostrowski TN
loser of 6

Brent Donahue (TN), Rank:1st Black - Shodan, Club: Dickson Athletic Club
Eric Schwalm (TN), Rank:1st Black - Shodan, Club: Clarksville Budo
Jeffrey Prentiss (TN), Rank:2nd Black - Nidan, Club: University of Tennessee Judo
Arthur Dawkins (AL), Rank:1st Black - Shodan, Club: Huntsville Judo Club
Michael Ostrowski (TN), Rank:4th Black - Yodan, Club: Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu
Shawn Nevels (KY), Rank:1st Black - Shodan, Club: USA Stars / Finney\\\\\\\'s Hit Squad
Daniel Connolly (TN), Rank:2nd Brown - Nikyu, Club: DeSoto
Douglas Tono (IL), Rank:6th Black - Rokudan, Club: Tohkon Judo Academy